Psychotherapy online


Because a healthy mind is the base for your well-being. 


Helping other people to understand their minds and emotions is my greatest intention. After that it is part of psychotherapy to support each one individually to find the best solutions for themselves. 


I believe that, even though we are all human, we all have our individual percepetions and ways of digesting information, emotions and situations. Therefore I strive to support everyone that comes into my practice in their own way. 

To offer that, I`ve been trained in person-centered psychotherapy according to Carl R. Rogers. This therapy method is a humanistic conversational method where the patient gets supported in healing him or herself. It strongly supports the work in the here and now and aims for self-actualization. Therefore a empathic, genuine and understanding setting is the base of discovering and changing a patients self-concept.

Additionally I practice Neurolinguistic Programming. This often gets described as a `toolbox`since it consists of different formats and got influenced by different therapeutic approaches. It is wide in its variety and can be used for different problems. My personal understanding of neurolinguitsic programming is, that it can make problems/situations/emotions more touchable and helps to visualize those. Simply said: it can help reconnect brain connections that once have been made and are now not longer needed or cause suffering.

EMDR - this is a therapeutic method with the use of eye movement. A bilateral stimulation leads to a reaction in our brains, where situations, feelings or covered memories are being activated and brought to our awareness. Therefore this method is a method to create connections between feelings and cognitive knowledge, to uncover memories and to, at the same moment, process the upcoming pictures and emotions. It is a rather intense, but also highly effective method to process feelings and reduce their burden. 


If you made the decision to start therapy and have a good feeling about me, then the first step of course is to contact me. Therefore you can call me, use the contact form, send me a message or a WhatsApp. 

Since I have a private practice, the costs need to be covered by yourself. Some private health insurances support private therapy, but this is individual. 

The price for a 60 minute therapy setting is 120€ in my practice office or online. 
Couples therapy is 90 minutes and costs 190€. 
Coaching for 60 minutes is 120€ in my practice office or online. 

The payment needs to be paid in cash after the first session. If you prefer another payment method for further sessions, we can arrange that too. 

If you have any further questions do not hesitate to call me or send me a message! 

You can easily book an appointment online!

Heilpraktikerin für Psychotherapie Katja Debusmann


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